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"You’ll have to go on my back. Is that okay?"

She nods again, “If you kneel down, yes.” Her unspoken words are pretty obvious, You are really tall.


"I can carry you." He offered a hand.

She frowns a little bit, and nods, taking it, “Thank you.”


It was a long way up. It was so high one couldn’t see the top of the elevator tube. The elevator itself was stuck with it’s roof at floor level.

"It’s doable." He muttered.

She kinda bites her lip, and takes a step back, then shakes her head, “No. That is literally impossible for my body.”


"I don’t know what our disabilities have to do with keeping a place clean." He huffed and went back to following the girl to the next testing chamber.

"The elevator to this one doesn’t work. I had to jump all the way up there. You two think you can do that?"

"Talking about the people here, not the cleanliness." she mutters, then looks at the distance she’s suggesting to jump.


"That doesn’t mean you make it a hassle for those of us that stay here." He pointed back.

She scowls, “This place is as corrupt as your coding.” She stalks back and grabs her apple core.


"That doesn’t mean you disrespect the facility." He frowned. "Humans don’t care about anything but themselves. Do they?"

"Unlikely~" the girl chimed in.

Lyria points at him, “I have been stuck here for literally my entire life. My respect for this place died with my want to stay here.”


"Would you not wait until we came across an incinerator?" He said crossly.

"Is that room ever going to be properly used again?" She raises an eyebrow.


"Right." Nick nodded and adjusted his backpack before following the girl as she skipped out of the room.

She follows after, tossing whats left of the apple.